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If I was a Globalist…

If I was a Globalist…

If I was a Globalist


If I was a globalist I would first create an organization under the guise of protecting children (UNESCO) and through it introduce new education standards that included teaching them that we are all global citizens and their individual cultures were irrelevant so I would in the process of a few decades mold generations to accept my control.

If I was a globalist I would then make sure that through trade no one nation was completely self-sufficient,  I would create trade agreements and regulations and make every country so dependent on another that they couldn’t even try to return to being a sovereign nation.

If I was a globalist, I would bundle a bunch of countries together under one coin (EU) and create rules that would give one country power over the others.

If I was a globalist, I would choose to protect and empower a culture whose principles promoted submission by creating wars and forcing thousands of followers of this culture to relocate as refugees and influence other cultures.

If I was a globalist I would create terms like multiculturalism and coexist, I would call those who refused to submit fascists and racists and shame them into compliance.

If I was a globalist I would do all in my power to always have enough hungry people as well as enough lazy people to depend on me and build an army of volunteers for my cause.

If I was a globalist I would enlist help from every influential organization to help me rewrite history so every day the search for truth would become a little cloudier and people’s perception of reality would slowly change.

If I was a globalist I would shame those who praise God for there is no other god other than our earthly rulers.  I would train people to helplessly gaze at their government as their savior from hunger, as their protector, as their guide.

If I was a globalist I would create not only safety nets but lifestyles where people would eventually forget their own power.  I would promote group instead of individual responsibility.

If I was a globalist I would make it nearly impossible for a single income family to survive so young couples would gladly hand their children to the State to raise and form.

If I was a globalist and now had 3 generations of well programmed children but still noticed resistance, I would then create a crisis to study their behavior while I imposed financially devastating restrictions to their lives, thus creating more dependency, and would limit their freedoms in the best interest of their health.  I would watch as they turned against each other but did nothing to break from the chains I created.

If I was a globalist, I would then offer a solution for my well created crisis that would give me even more control over their lives and most would bow at my feet thanking me for giving them back a fraction of what I had just taken away.

If I was a globalist I would look at my work and say… it is done.

Jesus, Palestine, West Bank -Stop rewriting History!

Jesus, Palestine, West Bank -Stop rewriting History!

Islam was created in the 7th Century, before that Arabs were fiercely polytheistic and divided into tribes.
The region today dominated by Islamic Countries was then dominated by the Persian and Roman Empires.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem were part of Judea (considered occupied territories by the UN today) the name Judea originates from the Hebrew “Yehud” for the Biblical Israelite tribe of Judah.   Judea is central  of the Torah, with the Patriarchs AbrahamIsaac and Jacob said to have been buried at Hebron in the Tomb of the Patriarchs.
Solomon’s Temple was built in Jerusalem in 950 before Christ, the area falls into the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 605 BC, then is returned to the Jews in in 539 BC by permission of Cyrus.
From 500 BC until the First Century the area is constantly being taken and ruled by either Persians or Romans, who were neither Muslims or Christians at the time.
Then comes the 7th Century….
Jews of Galilee led by Benjamin of Tiberias gain autonomy in Jerusalem after revolting against Heraclius as a joint military campaign with ally Sassanid Empire under Khosrau II and Jewish militias from Persia, but are subsequently massacred.
The rise and domination of Islam among largely pagan Arabs in the Arabian peninsula results in the almost complete removal and conversion of the ancient Jewish communities there, and sack of Levant from the hands of Byzantines and Jews are forced to spread all over the World.
Now that we have a very brief history lesson, please answer me how the West Bank, which encompasses Judea and therefore Jerusalem and Bethlehem, belongs to Muslims if they didn’t even exist until the 7th Century and Jews built a Temple there 950 years before Christ?

Rep Ilham Omar also needs to get her history straight before claiming that Jesus was a Palestinian.  Palestine did not exist when Jesus was born, Islam didn’t exist either.

To make it clear, Jesus was a Galilean Jew, not a Palestinian Muslim.   He celebrated Passover and was called a Rabbi, not an Imam.  And to this day, His name is one of the most common Jewish names: Yeshua.

With the constant censoring of facts and reality, search engines only showing the “new truth”, the slow abandonment of real books and libraries, editing of school books, news media’s false interpretation of occurrences,  what will our grandchildren know about the past?  How can we make sure they know the truth?

If we don’t fight to maintain history’s integrity, all future generations will know will be made up stories that incidentally only benefit one particular group of people.

If you’re white, a Christian or a Jew, and a conservative (the horror!) your great grandchildren will be embarrassed to say your name, because you were responsible for the suffering of a very fragile group of 1.8 billion people today.

Don’t just speak, write.

Keep written records, books, anything that can be passed on to the next generations so they know unedited history.  We owe them this much.

False reporting of situations that happened merely 26 years ago, such as “Black Hawk Down” in Somalia is overwhelmingly more prominent on the internet, and spewed in the halls of Congress, while the truth is conveniently scrubbed and hidden.

We are the writers of the history our children’s children will know.

As you can see, I’ve given up on asking people to fight, no one will.  So at least keep good records, aside from fighting, that might be the most loving thing you can do for your children’s future.

URGENT: We need Education Reform!

URGENT: We need Education Reform!

When asking yourself how in the world did we get to the point where so many Americans are voting for socialism look no further than the Department of Education.

I’m not saying anything you don’t already know, but do you know why our education system is so progressive? You can’t fix what you don’t understand, and we do need to fix this one because our children’s future depend on it.

I am the last generation that can still think clearly, there are almost 3 generations after me that have already been so corrupted by our education system that talking to them almost requires a psychology degree! If we don’t act now, our descendants will live in bondage, that will be our gift to them.

Notice you have not heard anything from the new Department of Education Secretary, not a peep! No changes have been made, yet, the budget for the Education Department has risen 23%.  Regardless of who is President, Democrat or Republican, the education system keeps moving forward with its planned curriculum created by UNESCO.

An organization run by bureaucrats (UNESCO), connected to powerful interest groups whose goal is a world without borders for financial gain, who is also blatantly anti-Semitic, is deciding what our children learn and how.

The graphic below shows our education spending versus achievement, if this was a for profit corporation someone would have already made some drastic changes because the investment is not yielding the results expected, or is it?

education spending

UNESCO started working on editing text books back in the 1950’s, and gradually worked their way into creating a “World Citizen” curriculum that we know as Common Core here in the U.S.  You can check their  50 Years for Education timeline here:

Click to access E05.PDF

Our government did an excellent job making it look like every change in our education system was part of a bi-partisan brain storm to benefit us, but the truth is that they’ve followed UNESCO’s master plan to create what George Carlin once described: ” obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork.  And just dumb enough to passively accept it”.

Standardized testing, something that was originally used to recruit factory workers during the industrial revolution, leaves no room for any thinking that doesn’t fit within the 3 options given.  Thus training children to think in absolutes, exactly what you need to create little robots that will perform as commanded. But we were not created to conform, and some will refuse to, so they’ve introduced us to an array of mental disorders to classify those defiant little brats, drug them, and keep them under control.  Which created the explosion of ADD and ADHD diagnosis in the 80’s, and today 8 million kids are on such drugs.

If you’ve had the opportunity to go over a math problem with a child recently, you’ve noticed that it makes absolutely no sense and you as a parent, are not allowed to teach your kid how to solve that problem the way you once did, the teacher will not accept the process.  I went through this frustrating experience with my son a few years ago.        They took something as objective and clear as math, and turned into something that makes absolutely no sense and can only be solved by following rules that revolve around “ifs”…thus, once again, forcing the child to simply take the order and follow it without questioning it.  It’s all about conditioning the brain into accepting commands without thinking if it makes sense.

Notice the process… editing of books, standardized tests, psychiatric drugs, common core math, all preparing to then introduce information that would once and for all eliminate any sense of identity such as the absence of gender.  If you told a kid in the 60’s that gender was subjective it would never stick, we had to go through the brain conditioning process first. But why gender? Why create this gender confusion? Simple, it’s the last step in removing any sense of control one might have, you are literally nothing at this point and ready to follow whatever you are told to follow.

Our entire foundation as a person comes from our identity, without it we are what someone else decides we are.  And since the ultimate goal is to create citizens of the world with no ties to family or country, identity must be removed at all cost.  And we are dangerously at the point where in another generation the lack of identity will simply be normal.

I’ve said this before in other articles that some of the behaviors today are completely illogical and defy our instinct of survival. The obsession with abortion when there are so many other methods to prevent a pregnancy, the support for open borders when anyone can see that very bad people are mixed with the good, the aversion to guns in real life but glamorizing it in movies, and of course the vilification of capitalism and corporations without which we would still have to be reading this article by getting our fingers dirty with the morning paper instead of using our cell phones.

None of these completely paradoxical behaviors would be so wide-spread if not for the excellent job done by our education system!  Yes, we are 27th in math, 25th in science, 24th in reading in the world, but if Sally feels like Johnny she can go to the boy’s bathroom and if  Peter decides he wants to be Ann his teachers and parents will help him transition at the age of 8.  What an achievement!

When researching for this article and trying to find a list of countries who are using the UNESCO curriculum, I got the following message: “Access denied.  Sorry, you have no sufficient rights to view this document”.  So unfortunately,  I cannot include that information in this article.  I wanted a list so I could compare it to the level of social justice euphoria in each country, but that will be another article once I can get around getting the information needed.

UNESCO is not shy about their goal to promote global citizens, you can see it for yourself in their website, please take some time and navigate it so you can better understand what we are dealing with:

My hope by writing about this, is that more people will understand that without fighting for education reform all of our other efforts are a complete waste of time. We might dodge a bullet temporarily but our grandchildren will eventually catch it.  And that the problem is not just that most teachers are liberals and nothing is done to keep them from forcing their personal views in the classroom, it is much deeper than that.   We are here today because we’ve ignored the small changes, because it was inconvenient to go talk to the principal or the school board, because let’s face it…we were lazy.

Mike Rowe said on an text once that  “We are the clouds the snowflakes fall from”, very profound if you think about it!

Education is the root of the problem and we are failing our children daily.                            I don’t know about you, but I could not live with myself knowing that I was aware of what is being done to our children and did nothing! They deserve an honest chance in life to be able to think for themselves.

I’ll be working with a friend who is a retired school teacher to put together a clear and to the point plan for Education Reform… I hope to have your support when the time comes to present it to the people who can act on it, we will need it.

Maybe we can make a difference, maybe we can leave this earth a better place after all! So curious, exploratory young minds can fly free searching for their own answers instead of learning what to think and limiting themselves to a life of bondage and government dependence.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 
― Plutarch



Physical and mental health after abortion

Physical and mental health after abortion

Yesterday the New York Senate passed legislation allowing  abortions to be performed up to birth for basically any reason.

This bill also allows non doctors to perform abortions, and removes many regulations to keep them safe.

This is not another religion based article to discuss this controversial issue.If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I rarely use religion as my base to support or reject a behavior, I rather use science and instinctive human behavior.  There are enough physical and emotional truths on this particular issue that are conveniently never discussed for me to make my case against the “abortion on demand” movement.

All animal species share one basic instinct: survival.

Humans, the so-called intelligent ones with opposable thumbs,  have decided to use their brains to defy their most powerful instinct by justifying the killing of their offspring on social economic issues.  A mother is built with the ability to sacrifice herself, as well as kill others to protect her child. It’s an instinct, it requires no faith, no religion.  Every species on earth share that instinct!  No other animal, except humans, voluntarily abort their perfectly formed offspring.

Personally, I don’t think that this human behavior is any different from killing another human being for greed, vengeance, or power.  Something that only humans do also.  It looks like the more we “evolve” the less we are in sync with nature and the other species.

But let’s talk about the physical and emotional consequences of doing something that our bodies are not meant to be doing, something that every woman on earth should be aware of,  but thanks to groups who profit from our despicable self-destructive behavior is never talked about.

Physical consequences of abortion:

  • Legal abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the US
  • Infection or sepsis
  • Damage to the cervix
  • Scarring of the uterine lining
  • Perforation of the uterus
  • Damage to other organs
  • 30% increase in risk of breast cancer

The older the fetus, the higher the risks.

Psychological consequences of abortion:

  • Depression, guilt, anger, anxiety
  • Women who have an abortion are 3.4 times more likely to commit suicide
  • 25% of women who have an abortion require psychotropic drugs afterwards
  • 19% of post-abortion women suffer from PTSD
  • Thirty to fifty percent of women who have had abortions report experiencing sexual dysfunctions, of both short and long duration, beginning immediately after their abortion. These problems may include one or more of the following: loss of pleasure from intercourse, increased pain, an aversion to sex and/or males in general, or the development of a promiscuous lifestyle.
  • Post-abortion stress is linked with increased cigarette smoking
  • A recent study, available at, found that of the women surveyed, those who aborted their first pregnancy were 3.9 times more likely to engage in subsequent drug or alcohol abuse than those who have never had an abortion.
  • Women who abort often have trouble bonding with the children of future pregnancies and have a higher chance of eventually abusing them.

Interestingly, while researching for this article, I’ve found out that most of the studies on post-abortion health issues were made in Finland, Sweden and Canada.  One report from an US source even mentioned that due to the political nature of abortion in this country, very little study has been conducted on its health ramifications.

One could say that some very wealthy organizations don’t want you to know the damage you’re doing to your body and your psyche by having an abortion, why would they? Abortion is a multi million dollar industry!

What still boggles me is how they were able to manipulate women’s minds enough to make them go against their instinct of protecting their offspring, that’s some seriously strong mind control right there!

And since we’re talking in terms of science and logic here, why not mention that the people investing heavily in the abortion industry have also managed to go unquestioned as to why they are not putting any effort into preventing pregnancy instead of promoting a procedure that hurts women.

If the abortion proponents see pregnancy as a disease, a cancer that needs to be removed, wouldn’t it make more sense to prevent it (since unlike a real disease, it’s 100% preventable other than in rape cases) than to submit women to an unnecessary and possibly damaging procedure?

You don’t need religion to see the paradox of this abortion on demand movement disguised as a woman’s rights issue, nature alone has all the answers any reasonable and non brainwashed woman needs to see the truth.

If you want to help women see how they are being manipulated by a very profitable industry, put your religious beliefs aside for a minute and use facts.  No emotion, no outrage, no Bible quotes, just scientific facts that even a hard-core atheist can’t dispute.

Why not push for over the counter, $5 a box birth control pills like in so many other countries? And put all those profitable abortion clinics out of business? No way!

Isn’t it ironic that the women in this country who claim to hate the top 1% for their greed, are actually voluntarily marching to promote an industry who is part of the 1%? An industry that makes their money from convincing women to reject their physical ability to do the one thing men can’t … because – equality! I must say I’m impressed with this  industry’s ability to convince millions of women, many who are very well educated and smart, to act completely based on a fabricated emotion of self power that defies logic and nature.

We are living in a time of great divide in our country because we have accepted our places in the many boxes created for us, we were not born in those boxes, we’ve entered them voluntarily!  If you can’t debate an issue using logic, science, statistics, because you feel your faith needs to be at the front of every discussion, you are no help at all to those who need the most!

Please share this article with all the women you know, because empowering women is not teaching them to kill their offspring so a corporation can profit, but showing them that nature has selected them as the key between survival or extinction!

Women are magnificent creatures, chosen to give life,  LIFE IS OUR POWER!


Is the masculine man on the verge of extinction?

Is the masculine man on the verge of extinction?

Is sociology even a thing anymore? It used to be one of my favorite subjects to read, I’ve always found the domino effect in human behavior fascinating.  Probably the reason why sometimes is hard for me to write about a behavior subject because I can visualize all the many factors contributing to it, but don’t know how to connect them in a succinct way.  But this is too important to dismiss, so I’m going to try.

We have by far the least “masculine” society since our existence as a species, yet someone felt the need to start a campaign against “toxic masculinity” like if we were plagued with some infectious disease that reached pandemic levels! How did we get to the point where the slightest sign of typical male behavior is considered toxic?  There are several contributing factors, but let’s cover the most easily identified.

We’ve had an explosion of psychiatry drugs being prescribed to children in the 80’s which led to an alarming number of over a million children under the age of 6 being prescribed behavior altering substances today.  Coincidentally,  the number of households in America without a father went from 11% in the 60’s to 25% as we’ve entered the 21st century.  And not so coincidentally,  the feminist movement started in the 1960’s raising the number of divorces and children born out-of-wedlock.

We’ve also seen an increase in mass shootings, mostly caused by individuals born in the 80’s (yes, I have researched this) with a history of psychiatry drugs and single parent household.

Our diet has changed considerably, most of what we eat is treated to last longer than it should or injected with hormones.  I’m not a scientist, but logic tells me that our bodies were not made for this kind of diet and there are consequences to the change in our feeding habits.

Another interesting change in behavior that most tend to see as just the result of massive brainwashing is this instinct challenging gender neutral celebration; it makes absolutely no sense to those who are from a generation where you were either straight or gay but you were still able to distinguish gender because…. well, it’s biology!

Now let’s look at some statistics released by the Department of Justice regarding households without a father:

Suicide: 63 percent of youth suicides
Runaways: 90 percent of all homeless and runaway youths
Behavioral Disorders: 85 percent of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders
High School Dropouts: 71 percent of all high school dropouts
Juvenile Detention Rates: 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions
Substance Abuse: 75 percent of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers
Aggression: 75 percent of rapists motivated by displaced anger

Read the last one again!!! 75% of rapists had no father figure! This one alone should have feminists changing their tune.

Shall we connect the dots?

Feminist movement starts in the 60’s – households without a father goes from 11% to 25% – psychiatric drugs emerge to treat children who are misbehaving due to lack of proper parenting but diagnosed with mental disorders, and these drugs change the chemicals in their brain – food also containing chemicals that alter brain activity – males start changing physically also, more delicate, more emotional – gender confusion.

We have become the only species on earth that has systematically  worked to eliminate the male influence and the characteristics necessary for the species to survive.

The typical and natural male with all of its characteristics has become so rare that those traits are now seen as toxic, offensive.  It’s like our society is being run by Amazons! At the rate we’re going 100 years from now real men will be on display at science shows as an endengered species.

Statistics don’t lie! They are telling us a story, and that story should have us all concerned…look at the numbers above again, we need men helping to raise our children, real men.

We are here today because the Vikings, the Greeks, the Romans, and all of our ancestors celebrated the masculinity that gave us warriors without forgetting the strength that comes from a feminine woman who gives them life.

Ironically, the same women who accuse men of toxic masculinity just fled to movie theaters to drool over “Aquaman” after they’ve successfully castrated the real men in their lives.  Which proves that we can’t escape our animal makeup, and by trying to we’ve completely upset the balance that keeps the engine working properly.

Let me make it clear that I’m a strong, independent woman with no husband, and proud of my achievements.  Unfortunately,  if I’m going to be honest, I’ll have to say that the only reason why I don’t have a partner in life is exactly because most my male counterparts have become so fragile that someone like me is intimidating, while others have no clue how to act anymore.  They’ve lost the ability to even gauge how assertive they should be in fear of being accused of harassment.

As a woman I understand the origin of the feminist movement, but I despise what it has turned into and how it has completely destroyed the male/female balance necessary for our species to survive… and THAT is the only thing toxic I see here!

Dear feminists…rising by putting others down is for the weak, therefore you are failing to prove you’re equal.

Maybe some brave men out there could start a “masculinity movement”, because our  problem is definitely not excessive masculinity but the absence of it.








The obsession with being first – Identity politics

The obsession with being first – Identity politics

I was raised by a very wise man who never considered my gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation when teaching me how to succeed in life.

I remember an analogy used by my father when I was a teenager, he told me that what people could see outside (my appearance) was like a  business card; that was the first thing people saw and a good presentation was important, but a well structured company with something to offer had to follow or the business could not be sustained.

I was taught that who I was, my qualities, achievements, knowledge, character and goals, way surpassed how I looked or if I was married, single, straight, gay, religious or an atheist when it comes to professional development.  Not for a moment in my professional life have I ever worried that my success or failure could be linked to anything other than my own effort to be the best I could be at what I do.

I’ve worked in fields that are predominantly male oriented and can honestly say that I’ve achieved more than most men I know, because I wasn’t competing, I was simply being the best I could be … for me.

Now that you know who I am, it will be a little easier to explain why I have such a problem with today’s trend of making everything about gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or religious beliefs.

As we watch the new members of Congress and Senate being confirmed this week, headlines once again focus on the “firsts” as if they were an actual achievement, really?

I would certainly be embarrassed if my claim to fame if elected as a representative of the people was my sexual orientation or my religion, yet, that seems to be more important these days than one’s qualifications!

What makes one’s sexual orientation, skin color,  or faith so spectacular?

If you truly want people to be accepted for who they are without prejudice, then why make their non skilled qualities the center of the attention? How about highlighting their achievements instead?  The sad outcome of the obsession with identity politics is that it does the exact opposite of what it claims to desire; it labels people and creates more prejudice instead of eliminating it.

So now, according to headlines, we Americans are very lucky to have the “First bisexual congresswoman ever elected”, the “First Muslim woman in congress”, the “First woman to wear a hijab in congress” …  aren’t we special?  I’m sure that those “qualities” will make them better representatives of the people, right?

This obsession with firsts based on qualities that don’t require personal growth is sending a very bad message to the younger generation! You don’t have to work at being the best at anything anymore, just find a label, stick it to your forehead and voila, you’re special!

I personally couldn’t care less about your gender, your sexual orientation, skin color,  or religion! So please, don’t force me to see you only for those qualities!

And if we must be obsessed with firsts….

How about we focus on being first on qualities that actually require an effort to develop?

I want people elected into office to represent me that have been blind to their gender, skin color, sexual orientation or religion as much as I have, people who have worked to develop skills to make them deserving  of the position they occupy.

And for the record… bragging about electing someone for their label doesn’t make you special for being so open-minded and accepting, it just makes you the most prejudiced of them all because all you could see was the label.

How I wish I could sit down with Dr. Martin Luther King right now and have a long conversation around his famous quote:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judge by the color of their skin but the content of their character”

Somehow I have a feeling that Dr. King would not be happy with our obsession with “firsts” based on anything BUT character.



Back to basics -planting seeds

Back to basics -planting seeds

I believe that we are all born with an instinctive knowledge of right and wrong and a natural sense of self-preservation.
A child knows when he/she is doing something wrong the first time they do it, it’s your reaction that will either confirm or deny their instinct, therefore forming their ethical and moral standards.
Thus, being a good or bad person is just a matter of how your surroundings react to your natural instincts.
Self preservation works exactly the same way and it is sometimes challenged by your instinct of being a good person.
If there weren’t so many voices telling us what is good and bad, and what we should fear or disregard in terms of survival, we would simply instinctively choose what makes sense.
If you need someone, a community leader, a religious preacher, a politician, to tell you what is right or wrong, you have lost the connection with your inner instincts and have become a tool to their vanity and greed.
Independent thinking is so rare these days that people are gravitating towards extremes on every direction.
You can choose to be kind but not become a victim.
You can choose to share with the less fortunate without being taken advantage of.
You can choose to love everyone for who they are without changing who you are.
You can choose to help strangers but keep your instinct of self-preservation and know when a stranger might be a threat.
It is not an all or nothing deal!
When you live in a society where people start talking in absolutes, some need to be brave enough to risk criticism and remind us all to reconnect with our natural instincts.
Some of you will not like my posts this year, but I’m not here to be liked or admired, I’m here to make a difference.
It’s time to plant seeds.