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Transgender at 8?Identity vs Submission

Transgender at 8?Identity vs Submission

I was a Tomboy, hated dresses and shoes, most of my childhood pictures show me in jeans and barefoot.
I rode my horse bareback, liked to hang out with the boys and the old men who rolled their cigarettes and built fences.
Even when I played with dolls, my main focus was to build them structures out of things that I could find lying around, I later went into the building industry.
I did flourish as a girl by the time I became a teenager and enjoyed being all girl but still with interest for what most called typical male activities, my father even used to say that I thought like a boy.
My personality and my gender were two distinct identities, not linked in any way.
Had my parents decided that just because my personality favored male activities I therefore wanted to be a boy, they would have destroyed me by putting me through a process of changing my gender like so many parents are doing today with their vulnerable and clueless children.
I see stories of parents putting their children through hormone blocking therapy as early as 8 years old because they assumed their kid was born in the wrong body, to me that is a reflection of the parents own insecurities and/or need to be so accepting that they are willing to sacrifice their own children’s well-being to look cool.  
Let children be children! Allow them to hold on to their innocence for as long as possible, allow them to grow into whoever they are meant to be without pushing them into decisions that they are not mature enough to make.
These parents have become a tool for the globalists whose interest is to remove any sense of identity because people without identity are easily controlled, they want global citizens, they want global submission.  Strong people with a solid sense of identity do not submit, so they are grooming the next generation using gender now to completely remove any sense of self.
Personally, I don’t think there is anything more evil than to target children to accomplish a goal.
We have an obligation as a society to save our children from this new trend of transgenderism at such a young age, don’t just criticize it, get involved! Your tax dollars pay for public education, make yourself heard.  Go to school mettings, write letters, write to Congress, just do something! 
We, as a society, will one day be held accountable for allowing the destruction of these innocent children, so speak up! Fight back, protect these little ones.
I’ll leave you with a Bible verse:
Matthew 18:6
” If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
May God have mercy on us if we fail to protect our children!
We conservatives, are all Jews

We conservatives, are all Jews

I’ve never been a much of a conformist, I question even my own views from time to time, and change them when I see the need to. So I find it fascinating how history has shown us how damaging collective thinking can be, yet, we still allow it to happen.

The blind and unquestioned support for a group of people who seem to get away with all forms of ambiguity is very troubling.  The collective thinking typical of dangerous cults has now reached millions and we should be concerned.

The Democrats alliance with radical Islam and mob mentality is probably the most disturbing of all ambiguities.  The party that for decades claimed to care about the poor and minorities will support neither unless they comply with the collective thinking of government as their savior.

Liberal  women praise and elevate Linda Sarsour, who doesn’t hide her love for sharia law, which in no way supports strong and independent women, yet she is the leader of the pink pussy hat wearing movement… a woman who would be punished by her own religious leaders if she had an abortion, is telling other women to demand free abortions! Notice she is not in her parent’s land of Palestine telling women to fight for their rights, but here, where women already have all the rights Muslim women are denied.  Yet, liberals who have accepted the collective thinking see nothing odd about her actions.

Liberal Jews supporting a party who couldn’t be more blatantly against Israel have most of us scratching our heads, they probably skipped history class when it was mentioned that socialist Jews fought side by side with the Bolsheviks during the Russian revolution and then watched synagogues being burned.

And, I’ve heard many liberals justify the actions of groups like Antifa because they are fighting white supremacists, and mention a couple of white nationalist groups that unfortunately do exist in this Country.  What they fail to see is that conservatives strongly reject those groups, we don’t exalt them, and by ignoring them they become smaller by the day.  While liberals in the media and government give power to hate promoting groups with a mob mentality, stimulating their growth and convincing their followers that every conservative out there is a white supremacist.

If you think this is exclusive to the US then you have not been paying attention to global news, this is how the left has positioned itself worldwide, they are simply complying with the global puppeteers who use the UN as their central planning stage.

From common core to open borders, the UN is using its power to dictate who and what we should accept, even if it makes no sense at all!  The extremely anti-Semitic position from UN leaders should have the entire world screaming to abolish it, but leftists are amazingly comfortable with it, including Jews.

Now, this is where all the dots start connecting and you will understand how close we are to one of the cleverest and best elaborated game plans ever put together to achieve a goal!

I’ve said many times that the NWO and the Caliphate are one of the same, and I say that because the ideology of the left worldwide and radical Islam are exactly the same.  Submission is the ultimate goal, and no other group on this planet knows how to force submission better than Islamists.

In today’s world submission through war, mainly against the U.S. would be a suicide mission without any fruit, the slow and systematic normalization of some ideologies, as well as convincing people to reject what once was part of their culture is a much easier and achievable plan.

Wars that caused the displacement of thousands of Muslims were key to spread “diversity” and dilute some of the cultures that kept hanging on to their roots. Look at the difference between Sweden, England, Germany and Denmark today and before those wars.  Under the very clever banner of compassion and diversity, some cultures have been forced to accept that oil and water mix into a beautiful ocean!

I have nothing against any culture, I’m an immigrant to this Country myself.  But I’m smart enough to know that some cultures simply don’t mix and that one is going to be dominant.

Notice that the one brought into an existing culture gets to keep all its roots while the others have to give up theirs to be more inclusive, diluting the so harmful patriotism and traditions in the way of globalization.  And once that is accepted by enough people the next step is to demonize and destroy those who refuse to let go of their beliefs and traditions.

When Hitler decided that the Jews needed to be eliminated in order to remove their financial control in Germany, he counseled with the Shah of Iran.  The yellow star Jews were forced to use in Nazi Germany originated from a law implemented in Muslim controlled territories to easily distinguish the Jews from the rest of the population. Jews had to wear a yellow sash around their waist to be identified.

The pure Arian race was nothing but a “Germanized” version of the Caliphate where only Muslims must survive and dominate to keep their people pure.

Jews were made to look like greedy, selfish, horrible human beings that needed to be removed from their society.  They didn’t look any different from most Germans, they were also white, they had families, and they worked, worshiped, and lived like everyone else.  But 90% of the population somehow saw them as different and an enemy of the people, and you know what the led to.

Let’s get back to America today (you can insert any country’s name here) and the position the left has taken regarding conservatives, in particular white ones.   The mere fact that someone is a white conservative in today’s America (or any country in the world) grants them the title of privileged, supremacist, sexist, predator, even though the ones saying those words are also white.

How is that any different from the 1930’s Germany treatment of Jews?

Exactly the same strategy.

From the removal of historical sites in the US or burning of books in Germany to the open discrimination and physical attack on those who refuse to submit, today’s Atifa is no different from Germany’s Brown shirts or ISIS. Just give them time.

The left has decided that the easiest way to accomplish their goal was to give power to the radicals, in whichever form they were available.

Socialism is an authoritarian system, so is sharia, they go hand in hand.  Don’t make the mistake thinking we’re just fighting against socialism, we are fighting for our own survival as a people.

The global elite, and if you’re wondering who they are stop buying into the Rothschild theories and follow the money (but that’s another article) would benefit immensely from the extermination of patriotism worldwide, removal of cultural traditions and the “open border we are all humans” collective cult mentality that is willing to sacrifice personal comfort for the idea of greater good to the point of not questioning the real intentions of its proponents.  The only thing standing between them and their goal are those of us who are refusing to give up and give in, those who keep fighting to keep their identity … just like Israel is in the way of Arabs having complete control of the Middle East, and just like Jews were a nuisance to Nazi Germany, we conservatives must be eliminated for the “greater good” of the world.  We stand against the money redistribution scheme called man-made global warming, we stand against gender fluidity (people without identity are easier to control) we stand against the removal of history, we stand against more wars, we stand against giving any government the ability to control our healthcare, property or religion, we are not collective thinkers.  We don’t have the cultist mentality needed to be ruled, but believe me, they will do all in their power to force us into it. And if we don’t wake up to the fact that they will not only implement socialism, but will dictate which religion we should follow right after that, our grandchildren will see the entire world turn into Iran.

Keep in mind Iran was once a place where people were free, Lebanon was once the Paris of the Middle East, Denmark was once the happiest place on earth, what brought them to complete submission? The formula is being repeated a country at the time.

What we have here is simple; Conservatives are the global, not just the American left’s enemy, and must be destroyed. That’s why violent mobs are being elevated as “justice warriors” against the imaginary white nationalists.

Be vigilant, because in today’s America and the World, we conservatives are all Jews.

Social Schizophrenia

Social Schizophrenia

I just had a two hour conversation with my 22 year old son about politics, which he hates, but I do it anyway.

Why? Because I want him to always question everything and be able to use reason, not emotions to make decisions.  Like Mike Rowe accurately said once “We are the clouds the snowflakes fall from”,  ain’t that the truth!!!

I’m not associated with a political party, I personally believe neither side is 100% on target when it comes to the Constitution,  but I’m definitely a Constitutional Conservative.

Most of my conversation with my son today revolved around the current state of affairs of this Nation, I call it collective social schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia  is defined as “a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.”

After 30 years of social engineering and slowly manipulating people’s minds to accept contradicting “truths”, very few seem to be able to see how schizophrenic their belief system is.

People with the “coexist” bumper stickers on their cars completely dismiss that one of the groups in the popular symbol has no desire to coexist with anyone but their own.

They fight for women’s rights but reject the concept of two genders.

They want everyone to be accepted for who they are but encourage those who can’t accept themselves to change their exterior appearance… so it’s not who you are inside that matters? What about self-love?

They reject tyranny but apply it in order to promote their own views

Heterosexuals should be in open relationships but gays need to get married

People can’t afford cancer treatment while sex change is done for free

Men are being taught to be fragile and delicate so they are not “toxic”  while women complain there aren’t any good men.

You can get free psychological treatment to go from hetero to homosexual but the reverse situation is intolerance

Climate change has to be accepted as a science even without conclusive studies but the irrefutable science of XX and XY chromosomes is oppressive and to be ignored.

If you by accident squish one of those protected turtle eggs  on the beach you’re a monster but killing a human fetus is a right. And let’s not forget that smoking while pregnant is absolutely a sign that you’re a horrible mother but if you abort the baby you’re just a strong independent woman.

To favor family and faith is bigoted but to use foul language and be sexually explicit on stage is freedom of expression.

Conservatives are fascist but fascists are usually the ones silencing people and trying to take your right of self-defense away.

I could go on, but you got the idea!

The sad part is that this completely irational way of thinking is now common for the vast majority of the population, my own son had a hard time understanding what I was trying to point out in the beginning of our conservation because he is surrounded by this delusional mentality so it has become normal.

Unfortunately, we have no one to blame but ourselves, our complacency, maybe our misplaced optimism that it could never happen here.

We are indeed the clouds the snowflakes fall from!

It’s time we stop the blaming game and take responsibility for our complacency.

Talk, talk, talk!

Talk to your kids, grandchildren, strangers, but keep talking! We can fix this if we put some effort into it.

The reason why the First Amendment is the first, is because it is necessary to keep people communicating different points of view. The first sign of tyranny is the loss of your freedom of speech.  The Second Amendment is an insurance policy, if you get to the point of having to use it,  the damage has already been done.

The only cure for this social schizophrenia is a daily and persistent dose of logic, but remember, it took 30 years for us to get here, it will take time to fix it.  Be patient, don’t give up, our children’s future depend on our determination to turn this around and cure our society of this disease!

I honestly wish I could speak at every High School and College Campus in the nation, if I could help one person at the time, it would still be worth it … their lives and their future are worth it.

Yes, it’s depressing at times. But do you know what will be even more depressing? To have to look at our children and grandchildren someday and know that we could have done something and we didn’t.




Cosby’s sentencing and the “metoo” movement

Cosby’s sentencing and the “metoo” movement

As much as it pains me because I basically learned how to speak English in the 80’s by watching the Cosby show, I do believe he is guilty.
But, I also feel that all the women who accused played a part in becoming a victim.
They were not forced to go to his room or house, they were not forced to take the pills, their actions up to that point were voluntary in the hopes of advancing a career through a powerful celebrity.
It didn’t go well after that point and they were vulnerable to a predator.
I’m pretty sure that just as many escaped the same fate simply by being smart enough to refuse to go to his house, or refuse to take the drugs, or because they believed in themselves enough to have the courage to achieve their goals without sleeping around.
Obviously, the accusers bad choices don’t diminish his guilt, but they should be talked about because not mentioning it removes all responsibility from women who make bad choices.
What Cosby did is sadly common place in Hollywood, it has been since its existence, we all know it.
For some odd reason, the last couple of years the left has decided to sacrifice some of their own to create the “metoo” movement, well…maybe not so odd reason.
This movement has become a powerful tool for the left and it wouldn’t have any credibility if they had not created some sacrificial lambs!
In reading an article about Cosby’s trial earlier today, the last paragraph got my attention:
“This case sets the tone for the rest of the Me Too movement, which means more victims will feel more comfortable coming forward, despite the years that have passed since the alleged sexual assault,” says Los Angeles civil attorney Angela Reddock-Wright, an expert on the Me Too movement and on sexual harassment cases.
Where are the other celebrities accused of sexual assault? Eighty three celebrities were “exposed” last year, not much on their whereabouts these days.
Is Harvey Weinstein answering to formal charges? How about Kevin Spacey? Russel Simmons, Matt Lauer, George Takei, Oliver Stone …  nothing.
Chances are none of the men mentioned above will ever face formal charges, they just needed to be exposed as part of creating a movement.  And at least one had to be the sacrificial lamb that would make it legit, Cosby.
Some of you at this point are thinking of some politicians who also have been given a pass, but the “metoo” movement wasn’t created after a politcian was ousted, they’ve used Hollywood, and that’s why Cosby’s sentencing is so important.
Anyone who thinks the leftist elite cares about what happened to the victims is failing to notice how 83 accused men have not been mentioned at all once the “metoo” movement was established.
No, I don’t feel bad for Cosby. He got what he deserved.
I do feel bad for the gullible women supporting a movement that was never created to protect them, but was created to execute Alinsky’s rule for radicals number 13:
“Pick a target, freeze it,  personalize it, polarize it”
Accusing someone of sexual assault does exactly that! And it works because it touches the emotional side of every human being.
While I’m happy justice seemed to have been served, was it served for the right reasons?
America’s Stockholm Syndrome

America’s Stockholm Syndrome

There is a silence in the air as we all go about our lives in the morning of 9/11.

We are reflective, we mourn the ones we’ve lost, we ponder on how our perception of the world changed in one day, and we share our stories of what we were doing that tragic morning.

Regardless if you believe that 9/11/2001 was an act of terrorism with or without all the theories regarding our own government involvement, it was still a massacre planned and executed by a radical mentality that seeks submission from those who do not think as they do.

One would think that after 2001 American Citizens would be even more alert to the possibility of developing radicalism among the followers of Islam, but we’ve seen quite the opposite take place.

One would also think, that those who believe that our government either aided or covered up important information, would be less supportive of the swamp creatures who did it.

How did we go from complete shock in the morning of 9/11/2001 to defending the assailants 11 years later when Benghazi took the lives of an Ambassador and another three brave US Citizens?

I remember watching the news during the Benghazi attack and having no doubt that we were witnessing a well-planned and very intentional attack on US citizens on the 11th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack this Nation has ever experienced. Yet, many were perfectly ok with the clearly false narrative that the attack was spontaneous and the result of outrage from a YouTube video.

Americans have gone out of their way to show they are not bigots!

Since 9/11/2001 we have …

Tripled the amount of refugees from Islamic countries into the Country, had another 8 terrorist attacks in US soil ( Lost the first Ambassador in 3 decades due to terrorism.  We’ve allowed the government to infringe on our 4th Amendment rights by establishing the Patriot Act, which has done nothing to prevent the 8 attacks on US soil since implemented.  We’ve allowed the government to create and give too much power to the TSA, which again, has not arrested even one terrorist since its creation but makes our lives hell at airports.

Government officials clearly lying about Benghazi were given a pass, radical Islamic groups have been ignored.  Recently, a judge even dismissed all charges against islamists who killed a child in a ritual and enslaved 11 others … no protests about those injustices, but plenty of protests to keep late-term abortion rights.

All sense of reason and logic have been completely rejected.

Stockholm syndrome maybe?

Stockholm syndrome, psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.

But you would say… Americans are not captive? I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Under the definition of Stockholm syndrome, Encyclopedia Britannica delivers the following:

“Psychologists who have studied the syndrome believe that the bond is initially created when a captor threatens a captive’s life, deliberates, and then chooses not to kill the captive. The captive’s relief at the removal of the death threat is transposed into feelings of gratitude toward the captor for giving him or her life. As the Stockholm bank robbery incident proves, it takes only a few days for this bond to cement, proving that, early on, the victim’s desire to survive trumps the urge to hate the person who created the situation.

The survival instinct is at the heart of the Stockholm syndrome. Victims live in enforced dependence and interpret rare or small acts of kindness in the midst of horrible conditions as good treatment. They often become hypervigilant to the needs and demands of their captors, making psychological links between the captors’ happiness and their own. Indeed, the syndrome is marked not only by a positive bond between captive and captor but also by a negative attitude on behalf of the captive toward authorities who threaten the captor-captive relationship. The negative attitude is especially powerful when the hostage is of no use to the captors except as leverage against a third party, as has often been the case with political hostages.”

Please read the text above as many times as necessary until you understand the connection to the dysfunctional relationship Americans have developed with its politicians.

How else can you explain not the mere acceptance but border line adulation half of the population exhibits towards a culture that is diametrically opposed to ours?

In 2015 and NY city judge was sworn in using the Quran instead of the Constitution, not one cared that her loyalty was to sharia and not the highest law of the country, and that the two literally do not go along.

Today, we have 50 out of almost 100 Muslims who made it through the primaries, running for office in the upcoming elections.  That’s a very odd acceptance of a culture who tried to kill you 17 years ago.

And who are seen as the bad guys? The ones pointing this insanity out like Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto, or former Muslim and anti sharia activist Anni Aynaz Cyrus.

No, we should not be judgmental, and no we should not generalize an entire group of people, balance and reason is important, both lacking these days though.

In the effort to not generalize Americans are over compensating and giving up their culture in the process.  We might end up with mayors like Sadiq Khan from London all over America in the next 2 election cycles because half the population suffers from Stockholm syndrome and the other half won’t even bother to get out and vote.

I know this is a very daring thought, but you can both accept other cultures and preserve yours!

When we say Never Forget, mean it!

Jihad could never win a real hand to hand battle inside the US, but they are winning a very patient and controlled battle by changing the political landscape one city at the time while monopolizing on the very convenient guilt half the nation seems to feel towards their captors.

09/11/2001 – 09/11/2012

Fight for them, fight for their memory, fight for our Constitution, fight for our children.


Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!

When I came to America 32 years ago a few things caught my attention….
The streets were clean and well paved
There was a sense of order
There weren’t any beggars on the street corners
People didn’t lock their doors during the day or locked their cars
Americans could criticize anyone and anything freely
Americans could open a small business and make a decent living
Cops were respected
Each State was different with different laws that served its population
Voting wasn’t mandatory but Americans took it serious
Americans were proud, a good proud!
I was travelling by bus from St. Louis, MO to Peoria, IL listening to my walkman (you can laugh now!) in total awe with the beautiful road, and as we crossed the Mississippi River I saw a group of bikers, there were twenty or so, they all had jackets with the American Flag on it and the leader had a big Flag flying from his bike….it gave me chills!
I cried, I was in America! The land of the Free!
I knew then I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to be Free also.
It wasn’t the kind of freedom that removes physical chains, it was freedom of the soul.
The visa process was a lengthy and expensive one, but to me it was so worthy! I was glad that this wonderful Country was so demanding and scrutinized its immigrants, after all, the reason it was so wonderful was because of its citizenry and the pride they carry in their hearts, the love they had for this land.
Becoming a US Citizen in those days was a privilege, one that I was very grateful for.
To all of you that were blessed with being born in this amazing Country….
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selective about who you are willing to accept into your family, that’s called self preservation.

Read the beginning of this post again and ask yourself why have things changed so much in 30 years.
As we celebrate America’s 242nd Birthday let’s remember that this Nation was made by immigrants who embraced it, loved it, fought for it, and died for it….and not by immigrants who refused to assimilate.
I wish all of you could feel what I felt that day when I crossed the Mississippi River….
“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people” ~ Ronald Reagan.
Happy Birthday America! And thank you for having me.

The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

Three months ago myself and a couple of friends started a 501C-4 organization called Freedom Rights with the sole purpose to bring patriotic Americans together to protect what protects us, the United States Constitution.

It has been my personal experience as someone who was born in a foreign country, that our freedoms are taken away in small doses, small enough to still give us a sense that we have some control over our future.  And seeing how the same pattern was present in my beloved adopted country, I felt it was necessary to start doing something before it was too late.

What I’m about to write will upset some of my friends, and I offer no apology for it, because it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, even some of the most patriotic and freedom loving Americans, have been brainwashed into believing that as long as they have their guns they can take back what has already been stolen.  There is this almost utopic idea that some day they will know that it is finally time to fight, but not yet.  I’ve always wondered what makes people so complacent, and how bad things need to get before they understand that there is in fact a point where it’s literally too late.  Most Americans have this idea that one day they will come for their guns and they will fight back, that’s the moment when they will finally do something, really? Why wait until we come to the point of having to shed blood to defend what is rightfully ours? Why not demand that elected officials live up to their oath of office and respect the Constitution? Why not push back every single time legislation is passed or about to be passed that will infringe on our rights?

Globalists work day and night to change this country, they are organized and persistent. Yes, they are rude, loud, and have the news media on their side.  How do Constitution loving Americans respond to that? Typically by doing absolutely nothing!

I’ve heard everything from “we all have jobs”, to “we are better than that”, to “let’s make sure we vote the next election”.  All of which sounds very honorable, but is it? Or is it pure complacency and laziness?  Are the patriots of today just little kids that play pretend in their little worlds, and in their pretend world they are Super Man, brave and strong, but when they hear mom’s voice they quickly go back to being Jimmy, the 6 y/o boy scared he might be late for dinner?

Yes, there are those who would fight back, and there are some who are willing to protest and stand for their rights … not enough though, not enough.  We are a whisper in the wind, while the globalists are a pack of howling wolves.

We have come to the point where speaking our mind, like I do often on my videos, is considered an act of bravery! How pathetic is that?

Do you know what comes next? More suppression, more corrupt politicians, more laws infringing on your rights, more gun legislation, and if the last decades are any indication of how people will react, chances are we will do absolutely nothing other than complain as usual.

To illustrate how far-fetched the idea that patriots will actually take the streets screaming “Molon Labe” or “From my cold dead hands” is, let’s go over gun legislation passed during the last few decades:

  • 1934 – National Firearms Act: banned fully automatic weapons, short-barreled shot guns, taxed manufacturer and gun owners, required paperwork subject to Treasury Dept Approval.  No one fought back
  • 1938 – Federal Firearms Act: Manufacturers were required to obtain a license and keep a record of every person they sold a weapon to.  No one fought back
  • 1968 – Gun Control Act: further restricted rifles and shot-gun sales, prohibited mail order sales, restricted users. No one fought back
  • 1972 – ATF was created to further enforce gun control. No one fought back
  • 1990 – Crime Control Act: that’s the one that made schools gun free zones. No one fought back
  • 1994 – Brady Handgun Violence Act:  commonly known as the “assault weapon ban” this bill banned the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (or magazines) for civilian use.  No one fought back.

We have allowed ourselves to be regulated in every way possible, from what we can say at work, to how much influence we have in our children’s school curriculum, and even what we post on social media. We now need a permit to peaceably assemble at a public park (violation of the 1st Amendment), permit to hunt and fish, we pay exorbitant property taxes so our homes are never really ours, and the list goes on.  We are far from free!

And we did nothing!

But don’t worry, they don’t want a revolution, they will just keep on taking our rights away in small doses because they’ve been studying us and they know it works.   And while they are doing that, they are also teaching the new generations about the beauty of globalism.  They are patient, and persistent.

They will eventually pass legislation banning guns all together, that’s the natural path, it has happened in Europe and South America.   Trump will not be there forever, and depending on who wins the next election, we will be closer than most people think to losing all of our rights.  And please, don’t fool yourself, you will do nothing.  The same way that you’ve done nothing till this point, and they know it.

So, next time you see anarchists making noise and pushing for laws that infringe on your rights and say … “I have to work” “I’m better than them” or “I’ll make sure to vote”, go straight to the mirror and say that to yourself!

Better yet, walk up to your child, or grandchild and say those words.

And then explain to them why they will live under a tyrannical government because you are so much better than the anarchists, so you chose to do nothing.

Einstein said it best … “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

It is time to do more than just vote.